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How to create a company account

Learn how to easily create a company account in AdminEaze Grants.

How to create a user profile

Learn how to set up a user profile in AdminEaze Grants as an administrator.

How to process applications

Learn how to easily process the applications you receive in AdminEaze Grants.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

How do I get started on AdminEaze Grants?

If you work with grants and want to try how AdminEaze Grants works, it is easy to get started and you always have a free trial period of 2 weeks. Please contact us on or telephone +45 20 56 19 49.

When your company creates a site in AdminEaze Grants, you will be assigned a URL which is your internet address. The first part of the address is your own choice and the last part of it is, for example, an address could be called This means that you have a subdomain at AdminEaze, which is ONLY used by your company. Both you and your applicants log in on this page.

NemID is a Danish national identification system and is only available in Denmark.

With the AdminEaze Grants' integration to NemID, applicants must register with NemID and also log in with NemID every time they visit the application site.

Internal users and administrators do not log in with NemID. The system's security is the same, whether you use our AdminEaze Grants alone or add on the NemID integration; but integration increases your security for applicants' identity.

The NemID integration is an add on purchase, and that means that you pay an additional price to use the solution. You will find more information on the Prices page.

The password should be at least 8 characters long and contain three of these characters: uppercase, lowercase, number or special characters.


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