Your own website

1-2-3 and you are ready!

Once you have created your subscription, your website is ready to be used. Here it is easy for both administrators and applicants to keep an overview. Applicants have access to all application opportunities. Administrators have access to the processing of applications and all the associated tools.

For applicants

Once the user has created their profile, they will have access to your organisation's programmes and grants. Here, the user is greeted by an easily accessible and user-friendly platform that gives them an overview of their application opportunities in your organisation. Both the visual expression and the application and evaluation templates are just as you have planned them, so applicants give you exactly the information you need.

For administrators

Keep the overview as administrator with a dashboard that lets you keep track of applications, key figures, and deadlines. All in one place. You will be able to see the latest applications your organisation has received while you can keep an eye on how you're performing financially. In addition, you ensure that no deadlines are exceeded with an overview of both application and project deadlines. You have access to user profiles, applications, programmes, and reports with a single click. In addition, system owners have access to your company account with all your organization's basic settings, billing info and designs settings. Owners can also see the system log files so you always know who has been working in the system and when.