Unique design

Keep your organisation's visual DNA

In a few minutes, you create your own website with your own logo and colors. It does not require any design expertise. You upload your logo and choose one or two colors, and we will do the rest for you automatically.

Your visual touch

To ensure a connection between your other communication and your application system, we allow you to maintain some of the core elements of your visual identity. You can customize the design in AdminEaze with both logo and two colors, so your applicants easily recognize your organization as the sender. You can make changes to the design anytime you want it, and they browse the page with the same.

We also ensure that all the automated emails and notifications received by your applicants have your organization as sender with logo, company name and selected colors. In addition, you have the opportunity to put your clear visual mark on the system with the pictures that you associate with the individual application options. The images are displayed on the front page of the applicant website along with the individual application options and as administrator you will find them under "Programs".