Extract your valuable data

You get a lot of valuable data in the system, and we make it easy for you to extract it. With our report generator you can create your own reports on all the parameters that the system contains. In this way, we make the follow-up and management reporting a little easier.

Almost infinite combinations

With our report generator, we've chosen to give you total freedom to combine the exact data sets you need. To make it as easy as possible for you, we have designed the report generator so you can save your report templates. This means that you can extract the same report at intervals and always be sure that it contains completely fresh data. To help you save you time, we have also made it possible to use templates across programmes.

You will get your data in Excel, and you therefore have the opportunity to continue working with it and the combinations are almost infinite. Whether you want data on one or more programmes, you can choose from all types of data within the categories user profiles, program descriptions, applications, evaluations, status and grant. In short: all the main elements of the processing.