Your communication hub

The message function is central to your communication with applicants and colleagues. The system automatically sends email notifications when a new message arrives in the system, so neither you nor the applicants need to be worried about missing out on important news.

Central features at your fingertips

In the message function, your communication with the individual applicants lies in one thread. This is where you give notice of commitments and rejections or ask applicants for further information. You can also choose to use the messaging function to create a workroom where you write group messages with your colleagues if you work on a joint case.

If you treat many applications, reply letters can be a bit of a time trial. Therefore, we allow you to easily develop standard response. When you click approve or refuse an application. You simply write a message, and if you think the wording might be useful for storing future cases, click "Save as Default Answer," and then the message will be ready for use again.

You can attach a wide variety of file formats to your messages. You choose whether you want to use drag'n drop or click the file from your file structure.

If you are required to access access, it may be important that you easily and quickly draw your dialogue with applicants as one single file. You do this with a single click on "Export to PDF". Here you will receive both messages and attachments for download in a single PDF file.