Flexible application form

Countless combinations

We provide you with an almost countless number of combination options when you create your application forms. Use our standard templates or create your own, so you do not have to reinvent the wheel every time you want to grant new funds.

Standard or completely your own

Your organization has the ability to create the number of pools and applications needed without losing sight. Programs are designed entirely individually. In one aggregate flow, you create: Program Description, Application Schedule and Evaluation Schedule. The individual parts can be composed of the elements that you consider necessary in each program. You can use our default templates, your own saved templates, or start over completely. You design the scheme by using our simple drag'n'drop solution. With it you can add descriptions, text boxes, tables, checkboxes, spellings, attachments and date fields.

If you choose to use default elements such as deadline and budget from our template, allowing you to track your key figures from the front of your dashboard. If it's nothing for you, you can always withdraw all content that has entered the system, using the report function.