Assessment and processing

Online assessment and application processing

The core of the assessment and processing of the individual applications lies in the tools that the AdmineEaze Grants makes available for each application and evaluation. Here you will find tools for assessing applications, granting funds, communicating with applicants, and creating your own personal notes.


If you wish to use the financial management features in the system, you can insert the amount that you have granted directly on the individual application. That way, you always have data available about how much of your budget you've allocated.

When you use the accept feature, you will have direct access to write a notification of your accept to the applicant. You can develop standard responses that you save in the system and you can also create attachments to your message. All messages are kept in the system and your applicants automatically receive a notification in their mailbox to ensure that they do not miss important news. For applicants, your acceptance also means that they will automatically be granted acces to the evaluation form. This way, they are ready to be complete the evaluation form as soon as the project is completed.

The reject feature works the accept feature. However, for the applicant, a rejection will naturally mean that the case is closed and access to the evaluation schedule will not be granted.


If you get many applications, it can be a great help to classify how suitable they are to receive your support. Therefore, we provide an assessment tool that allows you to assess the applications on a scale of one to five stars. If you collaborate with colleagues in the assessment of the individual application, you will see both your own assessment and the average assessment.

You may also need to collaborate with an applicant and, for example, ask for additional information before proceeding with the actual case processing. Therefore, you have the opportunity to get in touch with the applicant directly from the toolbar on the individual application.

Personal notes

You can streamline your own processing by using the system's note function. The notes are completely your own and they are not shared with others. They are at your fingertips on the individual application. This way you will be completely free of paper and pen, and you know that you can always find your notes for the individual application right there where you need them most.