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It has to be easy and inexpensive to grant money!

Do you have money to grant? Then the new Danish tech company AdminEaze launches an online solution targeted at foundations, municipalities, and other donors. Here the entire case processing moves in a single digital workflow and the system ensures an overview of applications, grants and evaluations while serving as a communication and collaboration tool.

Focus on experience, new technology, and dialogue

The founders behind the company have many years of experience with administrative processes in large organizations, and it this experience that they have decided to bring to creating an efficient online workflow for processing and managing grants and other application based funding.

I have had the administrative responsibility for handling a number of grant pools and I know the processes behind the scenes. That is the knowledge we have chosen to put into play in our first product, AdminEaze Grants. To us it is important that donating money should be easy and inexpensive. That is our mission, says founder Trine Højer, AdminEaze.

It is the latest technology that is behind this cloud-based solution. This means, among other things, that the system has an open API that makes it possible to integrate it with other systems and solutions. The first integration is already in place, an integration to NemID. Trine Højer comments:

We have chosen to provide an integration to NemID for those customers who want extra security regarding their applicants' identity. There are lots of other possibilities for integrations, and we look forward to continue our dialogue with customers about their need for other integrations.

AdminEaze Grants is a scalable solution. This means, among other things, that from the start you can choose to use the system in Danish or English, and you can choose to receive applications in a currency other than Danish kroner. It's all managed by customer administrators with a single click.

From the outset, we have been very aware that we are working with a product that can easily be scaled and used in other countries. Therefore, it has been important for us that from the very first day we have the system ready in both Danish and English. And when customers need it, we're ready to add more languages, says co-founder Mads Lyngby Olsen, AdminEaze.

Right now however, the focus of the newly established company is to establish itself in the Danish market. Located in the INCUBA entrepreneurial network and officespace in Aarhus, Denmark, the founders look forward to presenting AdminEaze Grants to organisations around the country.

We want to ensure an agile product development in line with our customer needs and we are looking forward to presenting AdminEaze Grants around the country over the next months, concludes Trine Højer.