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Still plenty of space in the Cloud

In Denmark, we are among the very best in the world when it comes to digitisation, both in the public and in private sectors. We have a advantage and an option not only to increase efficiency but also to create good customer and citizen experiences. Have we finished digitising? No, we have probably just started and there is still plenty of space in the Cloud!

No queue, no fixed closing times and lots of opportunities in the Cloud

Eight years ago, it was reported that all Danes should be digital in their contact with the public, and in fact, 86% of us now use so-called e-government. At the same time, the use of e-commerce, online banking, online news, music and cinema has gained ground. Here the use is between 82% and 92%. This means that the vast majority of Danes use the Internet actively in everyday life.

Of course, there are many reasons why we we have taken the internet to heart. Many different things and aspects of online services are really easy and attractive, and the internet is always at hand. It is amazing to experience the help it can lend in your busy everyday life. There is no queue and no fixed closing time and you can sit in your own living room do your banking or shopping and use a number of the other services provided online whenever it suits you. That is really great service.

Since we're already doing so well, does it mean that we've finished digitising our processes and services? No, of course not. There are still areas that lack real digitisation, and reaching the full potential of the possibilities offered by digitisation will always be a moving target because of the rapid technological development.

Cloud based solutions are moving really fast these years and large number of cloud-based solutions have appeared, which are targeted at business operations and administration. Many of them can help streamline operations and increase the customer, citizen, or employee experience. Until now, 38% of the country's companies have chosen to cloud based services. However, with the many user-friendly and relatively inexpensive solutions available, there is plenty of growth potential. Solutions in the Cloud are often easy to get started on, so you will be able to reap the benefits really quickly. Looking at the Danish market, the users are ready for it, so just go for it!

Trine Højer



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