Effective workflows with website for grants and foundations

If you are a lawyer and manage grants and distribute funds, you have the opportunity to create effective workflows with AdminEaze. You get a website where you can present application opportunities and conditions and where the applicants can fill out their applications. At the same time, AdminEaze includes a case management system where both internal case management and communication with the applicants takes place.

Online case processing of applications and grants

With AdminEaze you can make it easy for applicants to get an overview of the grants and funds you manage, and you have the opportunity to gather them all in one place, while giving you access to a number of tools that facilitate the work of the internal case management and provides the opportunity to create effective workflows.

In order to help the actual processing of the individual applications on the way and facilitate the work with your grant administration, AdminEaze contains a number of tools for you both tools granting, collaboration and communication.

You can incorporate budgets and grants into AdminEaze so you can keep up with the overall lines of the grant economy at all times. You can keep track of budget, amounts applied for, total budgets and grants.

There may be many different parties in the allocation of funds. Maybe the boards of the individual funds should be able to access the applications, or maybe you need to give more people in your company access to the system. With AdminEaze's role management, you can ensure that your users have the rights that match their needs exactly.

The messaging function in AdminEaze is central to your communication with both applicants and colleagues. The system automatically sends email notifications when a new message arrives in the system, so neither you nor the applicants need to worry about missing important news.

You can use the system's standard form or build your own application forms. With AdminEaze's form builder, which works with a simple drag-and-drop feature, so each grant or fund can have its own custom form.

In your work with grant management, you probably need ongoing reporting for management. AdminEaze offers a reporting feature that makes it easy to extract data from the system with information about eg number of grants, size of grants, disbursements and much more.

AdminEaze's deadline features allow you to keep track of both your own and applicants' deadlines. On your dashboard, you can always keep track of when the next application deadlines are, and which approved applications are nearing completion.

With AdminEaze you get a modern and innovative IT system for grant management. All data is collected in one place and the entire case processing can be done within the framework of the system. When using AdminEaze, you ensure that all information - including any personally sensitive data - is stored and processed in the same system and complies with the terms of the GDPR.